I was helping my son experiment with food coloring yesterday. And I realized it could be a fun, non-technical, no design-experience-required way to develop a custom color palette.

Maybe you’re designing a new site, or resetting your brand colors, and you’re stuck in a rut. Or maybe you want to let serendipity play a role.

You could even set this up in a kitchen and have co-workers come by and give it a shot. It could also be nice activity for a company retreat.
– Get some food coloring.

  • Get a bunch of glasses.

  • Start mixing and experimenting.

  • If a color gets too dark, add more water.

  • Once you have a bunch of colors you like, take a picture.

  • Go to Adobe’s Kuler tool (kuler,adobe.com). Click on the camera icon and upload the photo. Move the dots around to compose your palette.

Here’s one that I did.

Food Coloring Color Palette on Kuler

What do you think? Is this crazy?


Source: artsandsci ghost