Hope you’ve had a great week!

First off, here’s a tidbit from the Atlantic:

The Pew Research Center reported last week that nearly a quarter of American adults had not read a single book in the past year. As in, they hadn’t cracked a paperback, fired up a Kindle, or even hit play on an audiobook while in the car. The number of non-book-readers has nearly tripled since 1978.

And now, two non-books. I’ve really enjoyed these two articles. The first one is about writing, but it’s relevant to anyone tasked with being being creative every day.

The Daily Routines of Famous Writers


The second one is about the changing face of media; how the news is no longer dominated by news articles. It’s an interesting commentary in the Atlantic about the New York Times.

The New York Times’ Most Popular Story of 2013 Was Not an Article

By Robinson Meyer
Source: artsandsci ghost